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  • Fri 5 Jun 7:30pm
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A celebration of grand opera and delicate beauty

Richter’s dramatic homage to Wagner’s grand operas marks the stage return of WASO Horns and opens the first digital ensemble concert for 2020.  Mendelssohn’s irresistible Octet then rises majestically and takes you through to a joyous and energetic finale as the WASO strings whisk you away to a wintery dream-state. 


The program

HANS RICHTER Wagneriana 

David Evans
Robert Gladstones
Julia Brooke
Francesco Lo Surdo
Dorée Dixon

*Section partnered by Rod & Margaret Marston


MENDELSSOHN Octet for Strings, Op.20 

Laurence Jackson
Semra Lee-Smith
Zak Rowntree^
Kylie Liang
Alex Brogan
Benjamin Caddy
Rod McGrath**
Eve Silver^ 

**Chair partnered by Tokyo Gas
^Instruments on loan from Janet Holmes à Court

We believe the power of music is needed now more than ever. This is why we are delighted to offer our Ensemble Edition digital concerts to you without any cost. However, if you enjoy the concert and you are able, we ask that you consider making a donation to WASO so we can let the music play on. All contributions greater than $2.00 are fully tax deductible.


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